CAMA Cloud® - MobileAssessor™

Mobile Data Collection

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CAMA systems are a great tool in the office, but lose their efficiency in the field. MobileAssessor is the first of its kind to optimize the field appraiser's workflow based upon what’s important to their project at hand. Easily review property data, market value estimates, or set flags with just the touch of a finger. If more information is needed or if edits are required…simply swipe your finger and gain access to a full Parcel Menu.

Dynamic RouteSM

Save on fuel costs

Save time, increase productivity, and reduce expenses while never manually routing or collating field visits again.

Instant PhotoBaseSM

High quality field images

Our Instant PhotoBaseSM provides automatic photo uploads, synchronization and image association to the parcel record in real time. There is no manual association of photos needed. Leave the digital camera at the office!

Touch Screen Sketching

Quick sketching in minutes

Sketching at the office is different than sketching in the field. This sketch tool is simple and easy for the field appraiser to use, with shortcuts and tools focused on speed and efficiency.

Interactive GIS & GPS

Visualize your work

Interactive GIS maps with GPS location show the subject property and user's location for easy navigation while in the field.

Real-time Quality Control

Instant data review from the office

Data collected from the field can be instantaneously reviewed for quality control from the office. Changes made by the field appraiser are highlighted for an easy and intuitive review of the property.

Disto Integrated Sketching

Another tool for accuracy and efficiency

We've integrated with the Leica Disto tool for more sketching options. Take a picture of a building and the measurements will be displayed in Mobile Assessor! Utilize Disto's 3-point measuring tool for easy measurements of large commercial structures and more!

Field proven across 18,000,000 parcels, 5,000 users, and 12 years of innovation. MobileAssessor is compatible with any system, eliminates second-hand data entry, and is the only solution with Real Time Quality Control.